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The SaltFacial     |    3-in-1 Technology


The SaltFacial® is an FDA-cleared skin rejuvenation device designed to address correction and maintenance of skin. The SaltFacial® device is an innovative 3-in-1 system for correcting and maintaining the skin’s natural beauty, using a three-step treatment for ultimate skin rejuvenation to RESTORE using Sea Salt Resurfacing, REPLENISH using Aesthetic Ultrasound and REJUVENATE using LED Phototherapy.​ 


This medical-grade treatment is gentle on sensitive skin tissue and harnesses the power of light therapy to minimize post-treatment redness, irritation, and inflammation. In addition, since salt retains water, it subtly expands the skin cells, leaving facial skin looking hydrated and plump. This reduces the appearance of fine lines and other visible signs of aging.

Together, Merz Aesthetics and SaltMed have created The SaltFacial to meet the needs of patients seeking a multi-modality approach to self-care.⁣

Step 1:

Sea Salt Resurfacing

Exfoliate the skin using all-natural Sea Salt Resurfacing.

Step 2:

Aesthetic Ultrasound

Nourish the skin using Aesthetic Cavitation Ultrasound.

Step 3:

LED Phototherapy

Support collagen using High-Intensity LED Phototherapy.

Beach Sand

Why The SaltFacial  for your practice?


  • 3 Streams of Revenue in 1 Multi-Functional Machine

  • Patented Technology & Made in USA

  • FDA Cleared

  • Non-Seasonal, All Year Around Procedure

  • Treats Acne and Scarring

  • Reduces Visible Signs of Aging

  • Supports Collagen Production for Healthier Skin Texture

  • Maximize Effects and Enhances Results of Other Topical Treatments

Together, Merz Aesthetics and SaltMed are advancing the possibilities of aesthetic medicine. After years of extensive research in pursuit of delivering the best medical l facial machines on the market, we united sea salt, aesthetic ultrasound, and high-powered LED phototherapy into one innovative aesthetic medical device.

No matter what skin type or tone your patient has, The SaltFacial® restores skin’s beauty and encourages healthy circulation.

Real Patient Results

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